Games of the Past

October 28, 1921: Greeneville 19, Kingsport 0

Greeneville Wins From Central High

Local Pigskin Carriers Fall Before Visitors by the Score of 19 to 0

KINGSPORT - Displaying a superior quality of football in all angles of the game, the Greeneville high school eleven defeated the Central high gridiron warriors on the baseball park here Friday afternoon by the score of 19 to 0.  An apparent ability on the part of Greeneville to make gains at will through the lighter Kingsport line, coupled with a number of cleverly executed triple passes and long end runs with strong interference, proved the undoing of the locals.

Captain Poston of the Kingsport team won the toss-up and chose to receive.  The locals carried the ball to their opponents’ fifteen-yard line in a perplexing series of end runs, line plunges and cross tackle plays that literally swept the visitors off their feet.  However the Greeneville line steadied at this point and Kingsport lost the ball on downs with only one yard to go.

After this the odds favored the Greeneville bunch; their heavy backs battered the light line of the locals for gains at will, and Kingsport was kept on the defensive for the major part of the remainder of the game.  The first county came in the latter part of the initial quarter.  After the pigskin had been advanced to Kingsport’s ten-yard line in a series of wide end runs and long forward passes, Rosenblatt carried the oval directly through the line for a Greeneville touchdown.  Greeneville failed to kick the goal.

Greeneville scored again in the early part of the second quarter, although the Central high line was fighting very hard for every inch of ground.  Clendenon, the big fullback of the visitors, carried the ball across this time, but again failed to kick goal.  The Greeneville warriors again secured the ball in this quarter and paraded up the ground again, but the locals stiffened on their fifteen-yard line and secured the ball on downs.  The half ended with the oval in Kingsport’s possession.

The third quarter passed without further scoring, Greeneville’s final touchdown coming in the last quarter, when the locals temporarily appeared to weaken.  Clendenon again carried the ball across, and this time kicked goal, making the final score of 19 to 0.  Kingsport threatened to score in this period when Josh Denham, left halfback, skirted the left end of his opponents for a 40-yard run, the Greeneville quarter tackling him within 20 yards of the goal.

Leeper, substitute left end, and Bob Dodd, 90-pound right end, played a strong game for the locals on defense, while Denham and Rutherford were stellar lights on the offensive.  Rosenblatt, Clendenon, and Captain Bewley were the mainstays of the visitors.  The lineup was as follows:


B. Dodd, Right end

Pendleton, Right tackle

Meredith, Right guard

Devault, Center

Blankenbeckler, Left guard

Dorsey, Left tackle

Fine, Left end

J. Dodd, Quarterback

Brown, Right half

Rutherford, Left half

Poston (Capt), Fullback


McCray, Right end

Barclay, Right tackle

Bowman, Right guard

Layman, Center

Noel, Left guard

Alexander, Left tackle

Bewley (Capt), Left end

Rosenblatt, Quarterback

Mills, Right half

Dugger, Left half

Clendenon, Fullback

Referee:  Fain, Washington and Lee.  Umpire:  Fry, Greeneville.  Head linesman, Davis, Kingsport.  Substitutions:  For Kingsport, Dunham and Leeper.

Box score:  GHS 6-6-0-7  19

                  KHS 0-0-0-0   0

From:  Kingsport Times

Kingsport, Tennessee

Tuesday, November 1, 1921

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October 23, 1925: Greeneville 0, Asheville, NC 12

Asheville School Downs Greeneville High Eleven, 12-0

Scoring Two Touchdowns in First Half Pave Way for Victory; Captain Sam Robinson Forced Out of Game

ASHEVILLE - After losing the services of its captain and stellar fullback, Sam Robinson, near the end of the second quarter, the Blue and White eleven of Ashville School met its match in the strong and weighty Greeneville, Tenn., high school but two touchdowns coming in the first half paved the way for a 12 to 0 victory in the first contest ever staged between the two schools.  

Asheville School’s offense was materially weakened as the captain was forced to leave the game, but the defense was almost as strong and forced the Tennesseeans to punt practically every time they came into possession of the oval.  On the exchange of punts that resulted in the half the Blue and White team gained by the exchange, twice putting the ball under the shadow of the Greeneville goal.  Here two attempts at field goals by Walter Alexander were wide.

The toughness of the two lines was responsible for much open warfare between the teams, with the Sulphur Springs team completing double the number that the Tennesseans accomplished.  This brought forth excellent defense work of the Asheville School’s team, while Holt, Anderson and Clendenon featured for the Greeneville high.

Asheville school scored in the first period, when a lateral pass from Kendrick to Alexander netted the first real gain of the game and put the ball on Greeneville’s 18-yard line.  On a criss cross from Griley to Kendrick, the big Asheville School halfback skirted the right end for the remaining distance for a touchdown.  W. Alexander’s attempt at the point was blocked.

Greeneville received the punt at the opening of the second half and on three attempts to buck the line failed and Holt went back to kick.  The pass was bad and his kick left the field at the 23-yard line.  The Blue and White team tried on rush at the line and Greeneville held, but W. Alexander took the next play and wormed and wiggled his way through the visitors’ secondary defense for the distance to his team’s second touchdown.  His try for the extra point was low.  It was the prettiest run of the game and seemed to stun the Greeneville outfit.

The Tennesseeans, however, came back with a new determination but the Asheville School’s line held like a stone wall with Mosher, Hammond, Everett and Koenig featured in the fight.  Opening up with a forward pass attack, the visitors gained some headway and on a hidden ball trick which fooled the Blue and White as well as stands, putting the oval over Ashville’s School’s one-yard line.  After one buck the half ended.

The last half was simply a struggle up and down the center of the field, with the exchange on punts giving Asheville School the advantage twice, which proved of no avail. Kendrick punting outdistanced that of his rival, Holt, in every instance, while the offensive and defensive tactics of the Ashville School team was better than that of its rival, which, however, proved to be one of the strongest teams the Sulphur Springs team has met this season.

Line-up and Summary:


R. Rankin, Left end

S. Keller, Left tackle

Johnson, Left guard

O’dell, Center

D. Rankin, Right guard

McLain, Right tackle

McCray, Right end

Holt, Quarterback

Anderson, Left half

Rosenblatt, Right half

Clendenon (Capt), Fullback


Everett, Left end

Teachout, Left tackle

Alexander G., Left guard

Mosher, Center

McHarg, Right guard

Hammond, Right tackle

Koenig, Right end

Alexander W., Quarterback

Griley, Left half

Kendrick, Right half

Robinson (Capt), Fullback

Box Score:  GHS 0-0-0-0  0

                  AHS 6-6-0-0  12

Ashville School scoring: Touchdowns:  Kendrick and W. Alexander

Officals:  Huddleston (Carolina);  Umpire, Willis (Ohio State); head linesman, Lewis (Carolina).  Time of periods:  12 minutes.

From:  Asheville Citizen-Times

Asheville, North Carolina

Saturday, October 24, 1925

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1923 Season


Articles from the Greeneville Democrat Sun


Tuesday, September 11, 1923 

The local gridders of the Greeneville High School completed their second practice Monday afternoon at the East End ball park.  Quite a few husky men reported to Captain Charles Rosenblatt, hoping that they might make the team.  Greeneville has very good prospects although only six of last year’s men have returned.  Although it is difficult to tell what will be the outcome of a season from the first few days of practice, one may be safe in prophesying that Greeneville High will have another one of the teams that have gone down in local foot ball history.

Already eight games have been scheduled by Manager Williams, the first being with Tusculum on the 22 of Sept., the remaining games that are scheduled are Johnson City two, Bristol, two, Newport two.


Tuesday, September 18, 1923 

The Greeneville High School will start their football season Tuesday with Tusculum College Varsity and we are going to show you that we will have some strong team this year.  Of course we do not expect to defeat a college team, but we are expecting to give them some tough time defeating us.

We have games with the best High Schools in East Tennessee and we want the public to show us that they are behind us this year, and come out to the game Tuesday.

We have one of the hardest schedules this year we have ever had, the first three games of the season being at home.  We want you to come out and yell for us; that will keep the old “pep” going.

The schedule for the season follows:

Sept. 25 – Tusculum at Greeneville
Sept. 29th – Erwin at Greeneville
Oct. 6th – Bristol at Greeneville
Oct. 19 – Newport at Greeneville


Friday, September 21, 1923 

The Greeneville High School foot ball team will go to Knoxville Saturday to play the Knoxville High School.  The local boys have a very strong team this year and are expecting to make an excellent showing against the Knoxville aggregation.  The friends of the boys are much interested in the outcome of the game.  

The line-up for the Greeneville team will be as follows: Left End, Morrow; L. H. Tackle, McCray; Left Guard, Keller; Center, Snapp; Right Guard, Smith; Right Tackle, Clendennon; Right Half, Bowman; Quarter Back, Rosenblatt (Capt); Subs, Justin, Bullen, McGuffin, Lamb, Reaves.  Coach C. P. McNeese.


Sunday, September 23, 1923

The Knoxville High school football Team defeated Greeneville High today at Knoxville by a score of 39 to 0.  The game was hard fought from start to finish and was much better than the score indicates.


Wednesday, September 26, 1923 

The Tusculum College football team won one of the most exciting games of the season yesterday afternoon at East End Park by a small margin of 12 to 6 over Greeneville High.  Tusculum was unable to go through the line as they had expected.  Buddie Morgan and F. Clendennon were the only men to make any gains, the former making both touchdowns, while Bug Clendennon made the first touchdown of the season for G. H. S. getting the ball from Morgan.  B. Morrow showed up well, receiving a pass and getting several tackles.  Rosenblatt showed up well as quarter back.  He had the boys fighting all through the game.  They held the Tusculum clan close to the line several times.

Greeneville will play Erwin High Saturday Sept. 29th.


Friday, September 28, 1923

The Greeneville High School eleven is taking the hardest practice of the year, and will be in good condition for the coming game Saturday.  Anderson is showing up good this week in practice.  He still has the old fighting spirit.

Snapp, our center, is playing a great game this year.  The tackles and guard could go through almost any line.  Morrow, our left end, is beyond all expectations.  Rosenblatt, our quarterback, did some nice playing Tuesday in the game against Tusculum College, and he says he is coming to play harder in the Saturday game.   Erwin has a good team this year and it will be one of the hardest games of the season, but Coach McNeese says he is confident that with the practice we have had this week that we will win.  We are expecting a big crowd out to boost the team.  The game will be called at Three P. M.


Saturday, September 29, 1923 

The Greeneville High school will open their regular football season today with Erwin High school, and they are going to show you that they can play regular football.

The Erwin team is one of the strongest teams in East Tennessee and this will be a very good game.  They play clean ball and want everybody to come out and see the game.  You went to the base ball games so now show the high school team that you are behind them and come out and see an eleven of your own town boys and see what they can do.   You will be pleased with them, and they will be pleased to have you come.

The High School boys and girls are urged to come out and yell for the team.   That peps them up, and makes victory easier.

The team is very grateful to Mr. Tom Brabson for giving them a coach this year and getting them started and are sending him a special invitation to come out to the game.  They want to show him they are making good.  They also want to thank the merchants for kindness shown them and hope they will come for the game.  Don’t forget to come out and cheer the boys.  The game will be called a three o’clock.


Monday, October 1, 1923

Erwin High School defeated Greeneville High School yesterday afternoon in the first regular foot ball game of the season by a score of 64 to 0.  The local boys played a fiery game but the Erwin fellows were older and heavier and they could not penetrate their line.

The boys were much disappointed at the very poor representation of the Greeneville people present.  There were over sixty people with the team from Erwin and the visitors almost outclassed the local fans in number.  This is a source of discouragement for the local team.



Saturday, October 6, 1923

The Greeneville pigskin chasers will play Tenn. High of Bristol at East End Park this afternoon at 2:30.  The home team has been working hard this week trying to whip some new material into condition.  Every man who will be used is in the best of physical condition with the exception of Williams.  He is suffering from a slightly bruised hip.  Some new men will see action before the final whistle blows.  Hallbrook has been showing some speedy work at practice.  Bales will be added to the right end of the line to fill the vacancy made when Clendenon was shifted to Full.  Anderson will take over the quarter position.  Smith has recovered from the injury received in the Knoxville game and will strengthen the left half of the line.


Next To Last Football Game Of The Season On Home Ground
Friday, October 19, 1923

The Greeneville High School will play Newport at East End Park this afternoon at 2:45 P. M.  This is going to be a good game.  The two teams are well matched.  The winner is doubtful.  Let everybody who is interested in foot-ball come out and help root for the home team.

The home team has ad the advantage of some good practice with the Tusculum Cubs.  This experience will help them to win.

McCray has been elected captain of the foot-ball squad and he is sure of victory for the home team.  He is some little old captain.  The students of the G. H. S. have not patronized the foot-ball games as much as they should have.  It is clean, manly sport, all are the better for seeing a good game of foot-ball.  The boys will fell so much better if there is a big crowd from Greeneville.  It is lonely on a foot-ball field if your friends are not there.

There is only one more game to be played on the home ground this season.   This game will be called promptly at 2:45.   Be there with flags and pennants, we need you.


October 27, 1923

The Greeneville High School will play Johnson City High School at football this afternoon.  The team accompanied by a number of rooters and Coach McNeese will leave on Train Number twenty-six for the neighboring city and the local boys will give the Johnson Citians a live tussle.


October 28, 1923

Johnson City 76, G.H.S. 0

1925 Season

Articles from the Greeneville Democrat Sun

Monday, September 7, 1925
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The G. H. S. Foot Ball Team known this season as the "Purple Devils" expects to have the greatest season in Football that has ever been known.  Only two letter men will be missed from the lineup while several strong faces will take the place of the ones that have finished.  The following men will be back from last season:  Bug Clendenon, Capt. Howard McLain, Dale McCray, Dole Rankin, Buster Roberts, Sam Keller, Wallace Odell, Albert Harmon, Joe Bowman, Bobby Taylor, Lacy Anderson, Cecil Wright, T. A. Johnson and many others.  Red Rankin from Tusculum, Fred Holt from Newport and Tom Alexander will be some of the many new players to wear the Purple this season.  Holt is well known here by Football Fans as a great quarter back.

Now about our Coach.  His name is T. W. Caskey Jr., from Texas.  He has had twelve years experience in Football.  He played Full Back on the U. S. Navy Team in 1917 and won the game against the Army that year.  He coached back field for a College team in Texas five years.  For the past year he has been at Milligan College playing Full Back for the Buffaloes.

Practicing starts Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock.  There will be two workouts a day, one at 9 a.m. and one at 3 p.m.   See Newland Peterson for a suit and be on hand for the first practice.

The opening game will be here with Elizabethton on Oct 2nd.   This will be one of the best games of the season as Elizabethton has already begun practice in order to stop the deathly work of the Purple Devils.  We are expecting a record breaking crowd at this game.  The schedule will be announced next week.   Greeneville is playing some of the hardest teams in Tennessee and will meet any team regardless of sizes.  They play Erwin, Morristown, Kingsport, Johnson City, Murphy College Institute and many others.  They have games pending with Asheville N. C. Hi, Central High of Knoxville.


Monday, September 14, 1925
Page 3

The interest of the Greeneville High School Football Team is growing.  Last week there were 20 candidates out working twice daily.  More men are coming and uniforms are needed.  The boys are out raising subscriptions.   DON'T TURN THEM DOWN.  We must have equipment to have a winning team.   Coach Caskey expects the greatest year for G. H. S. that has ever been.  But we need the support of the business men to make it go.

The following big hearted business men have contributed:  T. D. Brabson, $25.00; A. T. Harris, $10.00; Dr. Finch, $10.00; L. G. Will, $10.00; Gus Stephens, $5.00; P. C. Wakefield, $5.00; J. P. Boles, $5.00; Dr. Lunsford, $5.00; C. H. Bewley, $5.00; J. H. Rader, $5.00; Doughty Stevens, $5.00; Dave Mason Jr., $5.00; Frank Lovette, $5.00; W. A. Susong, $10.00H. R. Brown, $10.00; J. E. Biddle, $10.00H. E. Dobson, $2.00; O. K. Barber Shop, $2.00; Dr. Lamons, $5.00; Dr. Hawkins, $5.00; L. M. Fox, $5.00; Central Drug Co., $5.00; McWherter & Emerson, $10.00.  Total - $165.00.

Three hundred dollars is needed.


Friday, September 18, 1925
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Although the first game is two weeks off, the purple devils of the Greeneville High School foot ball team are beginning to look like a menace to other Tennessee and Western North Carolina teams, and are expected to be demolished in the path of the purples in their mad rush for supremacy of a championship team of the old Volunteer state.

This week found Coach Caskey in charge of eleven letter men from last year's squad and one letterman from Newport and one from T. M. I. besides many new faces from elsewhere which promises to help make the greatest team in the history of the school.

Yesterday the squad was divided by Coach Caskey into twelves which fought over the ball until the sound of the whistle at night.  Both squads looking good and showing the fighting spirit.

Come out to the park some afternoon and see for yourself.   Show the boys that you are interested in them.

We meet Elizabethton High at the city park on Friday, Oct. 2nd, at three fifteen.  Make preparations now to see this game.

The men going out for backfield are (Frosty) Fred Holt, quarterback of the Newport team for the past three years, Chas. Rosenblatt, Bug Clendenon, Capt. Lacy Anderson, Joe Bowman, who have won fame in the past, Red Cecil Wright and Red Rankin from Tusculum are a great help to the team in the backfield.  The regular line-up will be announced later.


Wednesday, September 30, 1925
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The Greeneville High School foot ball schedule opens here Friday, Oct. 2, at 3:15 P. M.   The Elizabethton High School opens here with the Purple Devils.

Elizabethton boasts of a winning team.  Having already played one game this season, both teams are evenly matched, and this promises to be one of the most interesting games of the season.

Thanks to our big hearted business men who have helped to buy our equipment for the boys.   Now we ask you to come out and see the team in action.   Come early and avoid the rush.  Every man, woman, and child in Greeneville is expected to attend the big opening game.

Your school is playing and your boys are playing, come out and give them your support.  

The schedule this season is:

Oct. 2, Elizabethton at Greeneville

Oct. 9, Greeneville at Jefferson City

Oct. 16, Greeneville at Murphy College Institute

Oct. 23, Greeneville at Asheville (Yale Prep School)

Oct. 30, Morristown at Greeneville

Nov. 6, Johnson City at Greeneville

Nov. 11, Sevierville at Greeneville (Holiday)

Nov. 19, open

Nov. 26, Greeneville at Kingsport

Friday will be your last chance to see Greeneville play until November 6th.


Saturday, October 3, 1925
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The Greeneville high school purple devils defeated the Elizabethton aggregation yesterday afternoon to the tune of 52-0.  It was a one sided game and was Greeneville all the way, the local goal line being threatened at only one time when Elizabethton completed a series of passes to carry the ball to the 18 yard line but they were unable to put across a score.  The game was played in a sea of mud, but the driving power of the Greeneville backs was very evident to the few fans who attended the game.  

Captain Bug Clendenon, the human dynamo of the Greeneville backfield, was easily the star of the game.  He carried over three of the eight touchdowns and was never stopped without a substantial gain.  He was closely pressed by Fred Holt, the Newport flash, who played a great game in the field and called a beautiful game from the quarterback position.

A sixty yard run of an intercepted forward pass by Buster Roberts, half back, also featured.  Morrow, end, also intercepted a forward pass and ambled thirty yards for a touchdown.  The various back field combinations tried during the fray showed plenty of drive.  Anderson, Wright, Rosenblatt, and Bowman making the best showing.  To pick a star from the line from yesterday's game would be impossible.

Rankin on end, Harmon, tackle, Keller, tackle, McLean, Guard, O'Dell, center, D. Rankin, guard, and McCray, end, all looked good.  The line held at all periods of the game, and charged the opposing backs so hard that only three of eleven putts were unblocked.  That is the story of the line, not a first down was made through it.  Rankin's kicking featured, although the ball was coated with mud, this red headed end made his putting average around thirty yards, which was exceptional considering the condition of the field.  The 9 subs that played show no weakness in the line.

The game opened with Greeneville receiving the kick-off.   After an exchange of punts, the Greeneville backs plowed the Elizabethton line for a touchdown,  Capt. Clendenon carry the ball over.  From that time on, the Greeneville club was never stopped.

The boys will leave for Jefferson next Friday.  Jefferson City played Johnson City to a scoreless tie Friday, and the outcome of this game will give coach Caskey a good line of the ability of his team.  The entire student body of the high school attended the game and supported the team with plenty of yells and cheers.  The spirit of both the team and school is exceptionally high at this time of the year and all are looking forward to a most successful season.


Saturday, October 24, 1925
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Asheville, N. C., Oct., 24.  Working their offense to its best advantage in the first half by scoring two touchdowns, the Blue and Whites of Asheville school today defeated the Greeneville, Tenn., High School at Sulphur Springs 12 to 9.  Both attempts at try for points were wide.  Both teams were about evenly matched in weight, however the Asheville school team's height materially helped them especially in forward passing.

Asheville school scored in the first period on a criss-cross with Kendrick carrying the ball over and in the second period when W. Alexander went through a broken field for 22 yards.  In the second half neither team was able to gain materially and both resorted to punting a good portion of the time.

Wednesday, October 28, 1925
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"The  Purple Devils" of the Greeneville High School, who have made a great record this season under direction of their Coach, T. W. Caskey, Jr., will meat the Pete Siler aggregation Thursday, October 29th at Greeneville.

This promises to be the greatest game of the season.  Both teams are evenly matched and both teams fighting for upper East Tennessee supremacy.   Last year Morristown won the game at Morristown.  Greeneville expects to turn the score this season.

Both Morristown and Greeneville lost at Asheville last Friday, Greeneville playing the strong Asheville schools for boys to a score of 12-0, while Asheville High School won over Morristown 14-9.

Greeneville has not had a first down made through their line this season and only three touchdowns made by opponents this season while they have passed over the goal for 12 touchdowns.  The outcome is obvious, so be there to see the most interesting game of the season.


Friday, October 30, 1925
Page 3

The Greeneville High School team lost the football game to Morristown yesterday afternoon by a score of 15 to 0.  The outcome of the game was a surprise to everyone present, as the two teams were thought to be more evenly matched.   The local boys, while they did some splendid individual playing, were not there with their usual team work and were unable to hold the line against the concerted action of the husky Morristonians.

The most spectacular play of the game was Rosenblatt's forty-yard run down the field toward the enemy goal.  The attendance at the game was unusually good, there being a number of young people present from Morristown as well as a large crowd from Greeneville.

The line-up of the Greeneville team was as follows:  O'Dell, center; Johnson and Rankin, Guards; McLain and Kelley, tackles; R. Rankin and McCray, ends; Clendenon, full back; Holt, quarter back; Anderson and Rosenblatt, half backs.

The next game, which is with Johnson City High School, will be played on the local field next Friday afternoon.


Saturday, November 7, 1925
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In one of the most bitterly fought games of the season the lads from Greeneville school covered themselves with glory when they held Johnson City High to a scoreless tie here yesterday afternoon.

The game was played on a heavy and soggy field, but it seemed to make no difference to the lads from either schools.  Greeneville outweighed the Johnson City boys at least 10 pounds to the man, but it seemed to have little effect for the visitors who went into the game determined to fight to the last ditch although the odds were heavily against them.

The game started with Johnson City kicking off and at the start it looked as though the Greeneville lads were going to sweep the visitors off their feet as they made 4 first downs, one right after another, and soon had the ball on the Johnson City 8 yard line, where the visitors held the ball on the one yard line when they recovered the ball on downs.  Gervin got off a splendid punt and for the remainder of the quarter the ball see-sawed up and down the field.  The second quarter was a repetition of the first with Johnson City on the defense most of the time with Gervin punting out of danger every time their goal was in danger.

Between halves both teams were evidently well advised by their coaches, for they came out on the field and at the whistle fought as only two well trained teams can fight.  As in the first half the Greeneville boys started with a rush and made several first downs when the defense of Johnson City stiffened and they were held for downs.  Johnson City then for the first time took the offense but the Greeneville line held like a brick wall and after completing a beautiful forward pass Gervin punted beyond the middle of the field.

For Greeneville school Clendenon, Rosenblatt and Holt was the stars.  Clendenon, the 190 pound Full Back repeatedly going through the Johnson City line for nice gains.  For Johnson City it would be unfair to pick out any particular star as they all played a splendid game.  Smith right guard on the local eleven time after time broke through and brought the runner down with no gain.  Gervin gave the Greeneville fans a splendid exhibition of punting gaining distance on every exchange.


Wednesday, November 18, 1925
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Tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 in City Park, the local high school football team plays its last home game of the season.  In the last few games the locals have shown a well balanced machine with a smashing off tackle offense and good defense.  The principal weakness seems to have been tackling in an open field and coach Caskey thinks he has remedied this difficulty.

Clendenon, smashing fullback, and the offense, built around captain Holt, the sensational quarter back, has been unstoppable so far.  Only twice during the season have these two backs failed to score when in seeing distance.

The line, which was turned away all but Morristown back without a first down made through it is in first class condition and it is expected that Keller, McLean, and O'Dell will give the strong team from Milligan a little more than they can handle.

The Milligan reserves are a strong team this year and have several victories and close scores on their recoRd  Kingsport won from them 32-0 but not until the fourth quarter were they able to pile up such a score.  For three periods the score was 0-0.  The Reserves also boast of the best drop-kicker in East Tennessee in Copeland, Erwin High School star of last year.  He will play either half back or end.

Thompson, the Reserve quarter back, has been playing in hard luck for four years and has been kept on the varsity line up of Milligan only three injuries.

Tomorrow will be dollar day.  The local association is some few dollars in debt and it is hoped that those who can afford it will pay the dollar admission fee, those who cannot will be admitted at the regular price - fifty cents.

Come out and see Greeneville's team play for the last time this year.  Greeneville High School vs. Milligan College Reserves, City Park, 2:30 PM, Thursday, Admission $1.00.


Contest Will Be Fought Out During Morning;
Magicians In Splendid Shape
Wednesday, November 25, 1925
Page 1

Kingsport, Tenn., Nov. 25.  Several of the local high school football players will finish their high school grid career when they meet the Greeneville eleven here on Thanksgiving morning.  This will be the last game on the 1925 schedule, and is expected to be a tough encounter, since Greeneville is reputed to have the most rugged team in its history.

All of the local squad is in good condition with the exception of Meredith, who sustained a sprained wrist in practice last week, and was unable to play in the Johnson City game.  He will probably be in fine shape and are in good condition.   Meredith has come to the front with a remarkable spurt this season and his presence in the line-up is a great help to the Maroon and Gray.

The locals came through the mud battle in fine shape in Johnson City and contrary to reports from that city, they were by no means work out or "crushed" in the encounter.  Coach Sprankle has his first time this year to make a substitution because of necessity.  Kingsport withstood the Johnson City opposition in fine shape and are in good condition for the game Thursday morning which will start promptly at 10 o'clock.

It is reported that the Greeneville eleven with stack up with average college teams in the avoirdupois column.


Friday, November 27, 1925
Page 1

In the last game of the season played at Kingsport yesterday afternoon, Greeneville lost by a score of 40 to 6.  All the scoring was done in the first half of the game when the locals were completely outclassed.  In the second half with a score of 40-0 against them, the Greeneville boys took on new enthusiasm and put across a touchdown in the first few minutes of play.  The locals fought strenuously in the last half and showed skill and strong fighting spirit.  The Greeneville team made a good showing throughout the season.

1926 Season


Articles from the Greeneville Democrat Sun


Wednesday, September 8, 1926

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Coach E. F. Sharp has called all high school boys who want to make the football team this year out to the ball park at three thirty this afternoon.   The propsects for a good team this year are fair and games have already been arranged for with Morristown, and Mr. Sharp expects Kingsport, Johnson City, Erwin, and to whip the team into shape in short order.  Mr. Sharpe comes to Greeneville highly recommended.  He is from Jamestown, N. Y. and is a graduate of Kings College where he has played on the football team for the past five years.  He is a splendid athlete and will bring this phase of the football work to the front.  He will also have charge of the department of mathematics in the High School.



Friday, September 10, 1926

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Coach Elton F. Sharp called together Wednesday a bunch of the finest type of manhood of the Greeneville High School for the first Football practice of the season.  A goodly number of young men responded to this call and Coach Sharpe states that with the splendid material he is sure to whip into shape in record time the finest and fastest team in the history of the Greeneville High School.  Coach Sharpe comes to Greeneville highly recommended, being a graduate of King College and an athlete of high standing in that college.  Following is a schedule of the Games for the season.  

Oct. 1st Jonesboro (pending here)

Oct. 9th Kingsport There

Oct. 15th Murphy College here

Oct. 22nd Bristol, Tenn (pending there

Oct. 29th Open

Nov. 6th Elizabethton there.

Nov. 11th Severville there

Nov. 19th Johnson City there

Nov 24th Morristown there



Ernie King Kicks Field Goal In Second Period To Win Game.

Saturday, October 2, 1926

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Ernie King's dropkick in the first quarter here yesterday afternoon gave Tennessee High School a three to 0 victory over Greeneville High School in one of the hardest fought games seen here in years.  The Tennessee player's perfect kick came after a sustained advance had carried the ball to within striking distance of the goal.  King, in addition to kicking the goal, played an otherwise flashy game.

The Tennesseans brought a heavy team to Greeneville and the outcome of the contest was a pleasant surprise to Greeneville fans.  Elton Sharpe, coach of the Greeneville High team, was being complimented last night on the showing of his eleven in yesterday's game.

**The following story does not pertain to GHS; however, fans familiar with Morristown sports may find it interesting.  The gymnasium at Morristown East (formerly Morristown High), Isenburg-Siler Gymnasium, is named in part for this player.


Morristown Player Hit On Head In LaFollette Game Resulting in His Death.

Saturday, October 16, 1926

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Morristown, Tenn., Oct., 16.  Howard Isenberg, 19 years old, playing halfback for Morristown high school received injuries in yesterday's game with LaFollette high school that resulted in his death last night at 6:30 o'clock.   He received a blow on the head when carrying the ball that caused concussion of the brain. 

Three doctors were summoned but little could be done for him.   Oxygen was pumped into his body which prolonged his life for about two hours during which time he remained in a state of coma, never regaining consciousness.

Isenberg was one of the most popular boys in high school and his untimely death has cast a gloom over his fellow students.




Teams Will Meet On Equal Terms For Third Straight Year; 

Games For Two Seasons Ended in Tie

Wednesday, November 17, 1926

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The Johnson City high eleven will make their appearance before a home crowd Thursday afternoon after three weeks' absence when they take on Elton Sharp's team from Greeneville High at 2:30 o'clock at Keystone Field.  The locals have lost two games by overwhelming scores since they made their last home stand and their game with Greeneville will be the last until they take on Erwin High here on November 24, in the feature event of the season.

Thursday's game promises to be one of the hardest of the entire season.  For the past two seasons the two schools have fought on equal terms, both games ending in a scoreless tie.  This fact alone indicates that this year's game will be a battle for blood, with both teams determined to break this deadlock with a smashing victory.

On paper Johnson City has a slight advantage.  Tennessee High of Bristol defeated the Greene county machine 3 to 0.  Greeneville and Elizabethton tied and with the locals holding a 13 to 0 victory over Elizabethton the locals have an advantage, but this can easily be swept aside by the fighting spirit of the visiting eleven.

Greeneville is caoched by the famous Elton Sharpe fo King College and with the visitor getting daily experience against a strong college eleven the locals can be prepared for one of the greatest battles of the season when the referee sounds his whistle Thursday afternoon.  Johnson City Chronicle.




Teams Have Fought To Scoreless Tie For Two Seasons; 

Both Elevens in Fine Condition For Game.

Thursday, November 18, 1926

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Greeneville High, coached by the famous Elton Sharpe of King College, and Johnson City High clash this afternoon at 2:45 o'clock on Keystone Field in what is expected to be one of the hardest fought games of the entire season.  Johnson City will make their first home appearance on the home lot in three weeks.

The game today will be one of the grat interest to both schools as the two teams have fought to a scorelss tie for the past two years and each team will throw their strongest line-up into the game this afternoon in an effort to break the deadlock.

The teams will meet on equal terms for the third straight season, according to the old dope.  Johnson City beat Elizabethton 7 to 0 while Greeneville and the Carter county eleven fought to a 12 to 12 tie, Tennessee High eased out a three to 0 victory over the Greene countians early in the season while Johnson City defeated the Bristol aggregation 13 to 0.  So far this season previous games have had no bearing on figuring dope but goes to show that the teams are evenly divided.



Game Was Played In Sea Of Mud With Neither Team Able to Show Strength

Friday, November 19, 1926

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Battling through a seas of mud which made going at times almost impossible, Johnson City High defeated Greeneville in the Milligan College stadium yesterday afternoon by the score of 32 to 0, breaking the scorless deadlock that has existed between the two schools for the past two years.  Johnson City got the advantage early in the game and held it throughout, keeping the visitors on the defense a greater part of the game.

Led by Hubert, Johnson City waded, slipped and slided through the mud, gaining almost at will on sweeping end runs and ramming drives through the line.   Both teams were slowed up by the muddy condition of the field and at no time were they able to show their real strength.  Hubert was the main cog in the local's defense, continually hammering away with ramming drives through the line and off tackle smashes which netted gain after gain.  Cambell, Keever and Lamons played a great game in spite of the mud, registering long gains through the Greeneville team.  Johnson City's line smothered the visitor son practically every attempt forcing them to rely upon the over head attack for their gains.

Greeneville had a fighting team and never at any time did they yeild any ground except through the raining drives of the local back.  Johnson City had the better mud team and used their advantage to run up the score.

Numerous fumbles by both sides slowed up the game with the break being about even.  The story of the game is wrapped up in the fact that Johnson City outplayed the visitors turning their advantage into scores and never did Greeneville seriously threaten to score.  Once they forced the locals back to their own six yard line by a long punt by Rankin, but Hubert punted out of danger.  Most of the game was played in Greeneville territory.

The visitors presented a dazzling passing game but were unable to push the ball over the final chalk line, thereby failing to score on Johnson City for the third straight season.


Greeneville, Position

Alexander, L.E.

Mills, L. T.

Duggins, L. G.

McClain, C

McAmis, R. G.

Philipps, R. T.

Rankin, R. E.

Wright (C), Q. B.

Gass, L. H.

Jaynes, R. H.

Clendenon, F. B.


Greeneville:  Reeves, Lane, Kelly and Easterly

Johnson City:  Simmons, Milhorn, Johnson, Lamons

Johnson City Chronicle