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2005 Roster

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Arrington, Charlie
Bailey, Lance
Bannach, Danny
Brady, Sawyer
Brimer, Joel
Brown, Patrick
Click, Corey
Davis, Cody
Duncah, Cody
Duncan, Ryan
Edwards, Eddie
Epley, Chris
Everhart, Cline
Fender, Whitney
Galloway, Kevin
Gash, Brandon
Gass, Gareth
Grecu, Eddie
Greenway, Jordan
Hill, Chip
Holt, Sean
Hughes, Adam
Inscore, Aaron
Jacobs, Logan
Jennings, Spencer
Johnson, Garrett
Jones, Grant
Korniotes, Jason
Liebers, Joseph
Lodge, Brent
McNeese, Luke
Miller, Matt
Moneymaker, J. G.
Moore, Matt
Morrison, Wesley
Noel, Matt
Norton, Brandon
Perry, Dale
Richey, Micah
Ricker, Jarrod
Ricker, Travis
Thompson, Kelly
Tilson, Eric
Tilson, Thomas
Trimble, Nathan
Washington, B. J.
Whitehead, Nathan
Wilson, Cameron


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