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1987 Roster

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Adams, Eddie
Albright, Klint
Anderson, Bennie
Anderson, Jeff
Babb, Melvin
Barefield, Bill
Barham, John
Beach, Eddie
Beverly, David
Boynton, Andy
Burkey, Chris
Burns, Doug
Carter, Jason
Chapman, Kevin
Crum, David
DeVoti, Shane
Diehl, Teddy
Duggins, Sam
Finchum, Mike
Freeman, Jonathan
Gaby, Mark
Gray, Jonathan
Hammer, Chris
Hawk, Daniel
Heredero, Gabriel
Isbell, Marty
Jeffers, Dan
Jefferson, Alfie
Johnson, Deron
King, Todd
Knight, John
Loven, John
Matthews, Shane
Moon, Eric
Moore, Kyle
Morelock, Lewis
Pearson, Eric
Ritter, Paul
Rutherford, Jonathan
Salyers, David
Seay, Bertrum
Shelton, Randy
Shuffler, Jeff
Shuffler, Jody
Smith, Roger
Spano, Steve
Stills, Mike
Stubbs, Brian
Webster, Jesse
Weems, Ben
West, Craig
Westbrook, Don


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