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1983 Roster

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Aiken, Kent
Aucker, Mark
Averett, Bryan
Banks, Harvey
Bowers, Randall
Bowman, Drew
Brooks, Ben
Burkey, Anthony
Champagne, John
Clardy, Bryan
Cronin, Joey
Cutshaw, Corky
Duckworth, Lee
Dunn, Bobby
Elliott, Jeff
Elliott, Jimmy
Farley, Ben
Feezell, Eddie
Greene, Daniel
Gwaltney, Ryan
Harrison, Todd
Houston, Brad
Humphreys, Chuck
Konieczny, Dave
Levine, Ben
Malone, Craig
Marsh, Chris
Marsh, Shane
Maze, Anthony
Moon, Andy
Rader, Chuck
Ratledge, Steve
Reaves, Mark
Salazar, Pedro
Shuffler, Larry
Snelson, Bryan
Spano, Paul
Spano, Steve
Stamper, Cecil
Stapleton, Alan
Svette, Bill
Thompson, Jack
Walton, Dennis
Ward, Tim
Weems, Rob
White, Ray
White, Tim
Wills, Rick


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