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1980 Roster

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Arnett, Robert
Aucker, Bob
Barner, Allen
Baxter, Jeff
Belt, Jeff
Blakely, Daniel
Boatwright, Tim
Bowman, Frank
Brown, Mac
Brown, Ray
Broyles, Greg
Burrell, Jeff
Cates, Dean
Chaloux, Tom
Champagne, Drew
Clark, Anthony
Cogburn, Jeff
Collins, Rusty
Cooper, Rob
Cooper, Scott
Covington, Dwayne
Craddock, Russ
Davis, William
DeVoti, Neal
Farley, Rob
Felts, Scott
Foster, Pat
Foulks, Steve
Fuller, Mark
Gilham, David
Hensley, Cephas
Hodges, Charles
Holt, Kenny (K. W.)
James, David
Jennings, Eric
Jones, David
Kelley, Mike
Kelley, Scott
Loughry, Greg
McClanahan, Sam
McInturff, John
Moore, Jeff
Noe, Mike
Orton, Kenneth
Pierce, Jim
Quarles, Mike
Reviere, Rob
Robinson, Mike
Ross, William
Seay, Ronnie
Smith, Benny
Snyder, Bennie
Taylor, Scott
Weems, Mark
Wilburn, Budky
Wilson, Jeff
Woody, Bill
Wright, Phillip


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