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1978 Roster

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Anderson, Robert
Arnett, Robert
Arwood, Richard
Ball, Rodney
Barner, Allen
Bell, Rodney
Belt, Jeff
Black, Bobby
Blair, Dallas
Boswell, Ralph
Bragdon, Barrett
Burrell, Jeff
Burt, Doug
Burt, Scott
Carpenter, Scott
Champagne, Drew
Cooper, Rob
Craddock, Russ
Crum, Grant
DeVoti, Neal
Easterly, Mark
Farley, Rob
Feezell, Doug
Foshee, Freddie
Furchess, Mike
Hamilton, Donnie
Hamilton, Jimmy
Hodges, Charles
Honeycutt, Bruce
Johnson, Ralph
Lowery, Ron
Marr, Kevin
McInturff, John
Merriweather, Richard
Miles, David
Miles, Ron
Moore, Jeff
Morelock, John
Parker, David
Potter, Jeff
Quarles, Mike
Reviere, Rob
Saulsbury, Scott
Sautzler, Chris
Sevcik, Danny
Shaw, Butch
Shelton, Tim
Smith, Craig
Smith, Phillip
Snyder, Larry
Sorrells, Clark
Starnes, Sherman
Weems, Mark
Wilhoit, Tim


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