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1976 Roster

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1976 Team Statistics

Anderson, Todd
Arwood, Mike
Arwood, Richard
Barham, Brad
Belt, Ricky
Bible, Marty
Burger, Keith
Burt, Doug
Clark, Jeff
Cogburn, Eddie
Crum, Russell
Dabbs, Todd
Ferrell, Matt
Ferrell, Steve
Garland, Mike
Gilliam, Earl
Gudger, Anthony
Hamilton, Jimmy
Hamilton, Thomas
Harrell, Gary
Hartman, Kevin
Hendrix, Jim
Hinkle, Dane
Howell, Bob
Johnson, Ralph
Lamons, John
Lister, Jackie
Mallory, Carl
Malone, Doug
Malone, Joe
McAmis, Roland
McWherter, Gary
Miles, David
Miniat, Larry
Minnick, Jay
Moore, Zack
Nelson, Randall
Nelson, Ricky
Perry, Raymond
Rodgers, Ricky
Santore, Frank
Schmutzler, Chris
Serral, Fred
Shaw, Butch
Smith, Russell
Snyder, Dana
Starnes, Jeff
Sybrant, Larry
Teague, Billy
Thompson, Cecil
Wampler, Sherman
Webb, Gary
Woerz, Dieter


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