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1965 Roster

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Arrowood, John
Barnett, Dan
Benko, Mark
Bible, Mike
Boles, Ronnie
Brewer, John
Broadfoot, Bob
Broyles, Alex
Connell, Johnny
Connell, Steve
Craddock, Jeremiah
Crawford, Colin
Dixon, Bobby
Dye, Bill
Greshour, Glen
Griffin, Jerry
Harold, Steve
Horton, Wayne
Hunter, Phil
Inscore, Don
Johnson, Paul
Kelley, Larry
Kelton, Allen
Kuehn, Kurt
Linebarger, Bill
Lowe, Jimmy
Martin, Jim
McCall, Tim
McCamey, Wayne
McClesky, Bob
McGuffin, Mike
McIntyre, Randy
Mitchell, Ronnie
Morrison, Steve
Penland, Doug
Powell, Ray
Ricker, Charles
Ripley, Marco
Rippetoe, Bennie
Sams, Garry
Smith, Billy
Smith, Duke
Stewart, Elmer
Stockley, James
Thurston, Dick
Walker, Jimmy
Weems, Hal
Wexler, Johnny
Wexler, Terry


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