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1923 Season History>


1920 - Won 4, Lost 3

Oct 5 Milligan College Milligan 20-0 W
Oct 8 Morristown Morristown 6-12 L
Oct 18 Milligan College Greeneville 3-0 W
Oct 29 Washington College Greeneville 51-0 W
Nov 5 Emory & Henry 0-14 L
Nov 12 Morristown Greeneville 6-0 W
Nov 25 East TN Normal College Johnson City 26-27 L

1920 Greeneville High School Football Team
Click image to enlarge.

1920 Roster
Bailey, Luther
Mills, Stuart
Barkley, Taylor
Williams, Taylor
Lamons, Paul
Hardin, George
Alexander, Dale
McCray, Carl
Klinger, Charles
Harmon, Billy
Hardin, Cecil
Lamons, Morey
Hardin, Hal
Smith, Paul
Noel, Holland
Number of games played 7
Points scored by Greeneville 112
Points scored by Opponents 53

The Line-up

Right End Luther Bewley
Stuart Mills
Right Tackle Taylor Barkley
Right Guard Taylor Williams
Center Paul Lamons
Left Guard George Hardin
Left Tackle Dale Alexander
Left End Carl McCray
Quarter Back Carl Campbell
Right Half Back Charles Klinger
Left Half Back Billy Harmon
Full Back Cecil Hardin
Morey Lamons (Capt.)


Hal Hardin - Line
Paul Smith - Utility
Holland Noel - Line

1920schoolsmall.jpg (48571 bytes)
Greeneville High School on South Main Street in 1920. 
Later it became Andrew Johnson Elementary School.

1920PurpleandGold.jpg (93139 bytes)
The following stories were found in the 1920-21
edition of The Purple & Gold school annual.

            Although only six of the 1919 Eleven reported for practice last fall we were determined to put out a winning team.  With only Barkley, Bewley, Harmon and M. Lamons in the line, and with Klinger and Campbell in the back-field, the whole team had to be rearranged.

            In the back-field, Klinger, Harmon, Campbell, C. Hardin and M. Lamons started the season; while Mills, Bewley, Barkley, Williams, P. Lamons, G. Hardin, Alexander, McCray, Smith, H. Hardin and Noel made up the line.

            These men made up one of the best teams G. H. S. has had in many seasons, although many things came up to hinder them.

1920BillyHarmon.jpg (32552 bytes)

G. H. S. – 20; Milligan College – 0
Tuesday, October 5, 1920

            The season opened with Greeneville playing Milligan College on the Milligan gridiron.  The game started by Greeneville kicking off to Milligan.  After holding them for downs we took the ball and on the third play Klinger, by a fake, went around left end for the first touchdown of the 1920 season.  Campbell kicked goal.  After the next kickoff, both teams played fine ball, but once, having scored, we could not be stopped, and in the second quarter went over for the second touchdown.  Campbell kicked goal.

            The third touchdown came in the last quarter when Harmon intercepted a forward pass.  To mention the starts would be to mention the whole team, our backs hitting the line or circling the ends for consistent gains, while the tackling of the line men was deadly.  The playing of C. Hardin, fullback, is worthy of special mention, his line-plunging being a feature of the game and his tackling was of the highest order.  The game was a scrappy contest, but we just simply ran wild.  The game ended with the ball in mid-field.

            In this game the new men showed what they were made of, going into every play like old men of the game.

1920CarlCampbell.jpg (33769 bytes)
1920CarlMcCray.jpg (34505 bytes)

G. H. S. – 6; Morristown High School – 12
Friday, October 8, 1920

            We next journeyed to Morristown to play our old rivals.  We had great hopes of winning this game, but the Milligan game, played only three days before, left our team in such a condition that we had to use three substitute men and, although they played a fine game, our team did not seem to get together.

            In the first half we were driven back to our 10-yard line but from there we refused to bulge and the ball was given to us on downs.  The half ended with neither side able to make appreciable gains.  In the third quarter we started the scoring when Mills recovered a fumble and ran 50 yards for a touchdown.

            When the last quarter opened we were determined to hold Morristown, but they opened up a series of passes that seemed to demoralize our team and they rushed over our line for the first touchdown.  The winning score came when they recovered a fumble and went over our line for their second touchdown.  The game ended just as Klinger made a 40-yard dash around end.  The punting of Alexander and the tackling of M. Lamons and Klinger were the features of the game.

1920CecilHardin.jpg (34440 bytes)
1920CharlesKlinger.jpg (38655 bytes)

G. H. S. – 3; Milligan College – 0
Monday, October 18, 1920

            We met the team from Milligan on the home grounds for our next game.   The fellows from Milligan were determined to put one over on us and brought a crowd along to see us eat dirt, but we were a little too good for them and their fake formations were soon broken up.  In the first half our backfield could not get together and the half ended with neither having scored.

            We opened the second half with a rush and drove our opponents to their 20-yard line, but here they held.  However, we were determined to score and Campbell sent the ball between the bars by means of a beautiful place kick.  During the remainder of the game we held the ball more than half the time, but were unable to gain when it counted most.  In the last minute of play Campbell received a forward pass and ran 70 yards before being downed.  The game ended with the ball in Greeneville’s possession on Milligan’s 1-foot line.  In this game the whole team played superb ball, and it would be hard to pick any individual stars.

1920DaleAlexander.jpg (38009 bytes)
1920GeorgeHardin.jpg (35252 bytes)

G. H. S. – 51; Washington College – 0
Friday, October 29, 1920

            The team from Washington College came down for a game on October 29th.  On the first play Campbell received a forward pass and went over for the first touchdown.  Our backfield were able to plunge the line, circle the ends or throw passes almost at will.  Our line always broke through and got their man almost before he was started.  We were never forced to punt, and Washington College never seemed to know what was going on.  The game ended with the ball in our possession.

1920HalHardin.jpg (38976 bytes)
1920LutherBewley.jpg (34788 bytes)

G. H. S. – 0; Emory & Henry Academy – 12
Friday, November 5, 1920

            In this game our team undoubtedly made the poorest showing of any game during the season.  Gains by both teams were easily made, but those by the Academy came when they counted for the most.  Our team was good on forward passes, while E. & H. made many gains around end.  The first touchdown came in the first quarter when McGruder, for Emory, plunged over the line.  The half ended with Emory-6; G. H. S.-0.

            In the third quarter Klinger, with good interference, ran 40 yards before being downed.  The second touchdown for the Academy came in the last quarter by a line plunge.  Campbell was the outstanding star of the game.  He hit the line and skirted the ends in great style, while his tackling was hard and deadly.  The playing of C. Hardin in the line was a feature of the game.  Bewley, right end, was especially good on forward pass.

1920PaulLamons.jpg (32376 bytes)
1920PaulSmith.jpg (34599 bytes)

G. H. S. – 6; Morristown High School – 0
Friday, November 12, 1920

            Our old rivals, Morristown, came up on November 12th for a return game.  As many of our team were meeting the ancient enemy for the last time they were determined to win this game.   Also they were “scrapping mad” on account of their last defeat.  Within a few minutes after kick-off we carried the ball to Morristown’s 10-yard line, but were penalized 15 yards, and the ball went over on downs.  In the second quarter our backfield, by a series of line buck and end runs, carried the ball to Morristown’s 3-yard line where Lamons plunged over for the only touchdown of the game.

            During the second half both teams made appreciable gains and at one time our goal was threatened when Morristown attempted a forward pass, but by the quick work of Mills it was grounded.  The game ended with the ball in our possession on our 40-yard line.  Alexander and Hamilton did some fine tackling, while Mills broke many passes.  Lamons, at center, earned the reputation of never throwing the ball away.  Morristown depended largely upon their forward passes, but they netted very little gain, being quickly broken up.  In spite of the fact that the day was intensely cold the game was very interesting, many saying that it to have been the most scientific ever played in Greeneville.

1920StuartMills.jpg (40653 bytes)
1920TaylorBarkley.jpg (33982 bytes)

G.H.S. – 26; East Tenn. State Normal – 27
Thursday, November 25, 1920

            G.H.S. ended the season on Thanksgiving Day on the Normal grounds.  According to our schedule the game with Morristown on Nov. 12th ended our season and all practice ceased.  On Wednesday, November 24th, our manager received a message from the manager at Normal, stating they would like to have a game with us the next day, and, as many of the boys were anxious to play, the challenge was accepted.


            When the game started we went in with plenty of grit and determination, but our condition was such tat we were unable to hold the Normal backfield.  However, on the offensive, we had our old punch and hammered our way over the line for four touchdowns.  Failure to kick goal was the cause of our defeat, “Alec” being unable to place the ball between the bars.  The tackling of Barkley was extra good, while Williams and McCray broke up interference on many occasions.

1920TaylorWilliams.jpg (37770 bytes)





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